Guided canyoneering, rock climbing, and kayaking. . .

Our guided canyoneering, rock climbing, kayaking and adventure ranch tours are all aboutgetting lost in the now with one of our experienced professional guides through spectacular canyons containing beautiful spires, refreshing waterfalls and natural water slides. Grab a paddle and float through one of the most bio-diverse deserts in the world, supporting over 2,000 species of plants and some of the most interesting animals known to man from the Gila Monster to the Pygmy Owl. You can also reach for a hold and climb to new heights on one of our many classic routes, while taking in wide open vistas and cheering on friends and family.

In the Sierra Ancha Mountains, near Roosevelt Lake, in gorgeous Central Arizona.

Our wilderness adventures provide you with memories that will last a lifetime and that bring families and couples together through sharing an amazing experience where you do something real. A sense of actual accomplishment mixed with relaxing moments in beautiful places will give you an amazing sense of well-being helping you to feel re-energized in life. We need these moments to stay healthy in this world. Feeling that sense of happiness and calmness, empowerment, and feeling whole again are what these sorts of experiences seem to bring to our customers and ourselves as guides.
Based in the Sierra Ancha Mountains, on the eastside of Roosevelt Lake, we are a fully insured company permitted to operate by the US Forest Service.

All of our guides are qualified Wilderness Medical First Responders and have years of experience guiding Arizona’s canyons.



Per Person
  • Salome Jug
  • Parker Canyon
  • Hog Canyon
  • First Water
  • Phantom

All trips include a 4×4 transportation around the area when required, all guides, equipment, drinks, snacks and tax. Everything you need for a day adventure!



Per Month
  • Class 2
  • Upper Salt River

All trips include a 4×4 transportation around the area when required, all guides, equipment, drinks, snacks and tax. Everything you need for a day adventure!
*Available for groups of 4 + or multiday tours only*

Multi-Day Adventures


  • First Feature
  • Second Feature
  • Third Feature
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So glad I was on board for this trip! David guided myself and a group of 6 friends down Parker Creek Canyon. We hiked through rocky rapids, repelled down rushing waterfalls, and took in some mind-blowing views. It was an amazing day and a tour that I’m glad I didn’t miss. David was patient, prepared, knowledgeable, and gracious. I was pushing some personal limits that day, but have never been in more competent hands. David is a consummate pro. i would highly recommend PWA to anyone looking for an unforgettable adventure.Nolan B.
Our family explored Hog canyon with David as our guide. The scenery was truly amazing. David was professional and educational. The repelling and rock climbing was great. The kids unanimously mentioned it as the best day of our vacation. Highly recommend. Our family will remember Hog Canyon the rest of our lives.Lance Burton
If you want an adventure look no further than a day with David. Skilled and knowledgeable we walked away after a day of incredible canyoning. I took my 14 year old son, and David was excellent with him. Do not hesitate to contact them with your ideas, their knowledge of the area is only overshadowed by the beauty of the land.Dan Kazup
What an incredible day! David and Josh took excellent care of our party of 6 as we rappelled, climbed and took in the incredible scenery. We had a range of abilities with us. They made sure each of us was comfortable, challenged, and safe. Their level of knowledge of the local flora and fauna added tremendous value to our experience as well. On top of it all they genuinely cared about us as people, asking about, and paying attention to, our individual personal interests. After a full day of fun and excitement Jess cooked us an incredible enchilada dinner as we sat outside by the campfire under the star filled sky.

As we were sitting enjoying our dinner our daughter asked “there’s so much more to do here, why are we going to Sedona?” We wondered the same thing. Next time we’ll definitely spend more time!Carrie Greene

I took my daughter to the Sierra Ancha Wilderness for a two-day canyoneering trip on her 16th birthday. It was the experience of a lifetime! Period. Three canyons, eight rappels, a few technical climbs, unparalleled scenery and the best guide we could have possibly wished for in David. David’s knowledge of the canyon system was truly impressive. He was fully versed in the geology, flora and fauna of this magnificent spot. We ate Jojoba beans on the canyon floor and got a detailed lesson in the formation of the Sierra Ancha Mountains. He was also entirely committed to making this our experience, giving us choices of routes and rappels and his technical competence is beyond reproach. David is a first rate guide and an even better human being.

The highlight of this trip was the wildlife though. The three of us had just stopped for lunch on our second day when suddenly a herd of 12 Big Horn Sheep joined us. A little nerve wracking at first, we all peacefully coexisted less than 30 feet apart in the canyon for the better part of an hour. We shot dozens of pictures and tons of video documenting this amazing experience.

My daughter and I came away from this adventure changed people…in a good way. We created a lasting memory and a new bond that cannot be priced. On a scale of 1-10…it was a 13.
P.S. David makes some incredible fireside fajitas and superb eggs. The delicious food was icing on the (birthday) cake! We’ll be back and are spreading the word.Devin W.

We woke up to a full breakfast to fuel us through the exciting day David had planned for us. David and Josh, our guides, were incredibly knowledgeable and thorough. They provided us with everything we needed from wetsuits, harnesses, backpacks, lunches, snacks, and water.

We hiked down towards Salome Canyon and David and Josh were concerned with the height of the water. They warned us that we may not be able to complete the canyon, because the water was so high. They gave us a test run for about 20 minutes, and deemed us capable of continuing. Trusting their opinion of our skills, and trusting their significant skills, made our day an experience of a lifetime.

The canyon itself was beautiful, and David and Josh wasted no time in telling us all about the flora and fauna. Their breadth of knowledge was truly impressive. We repelled down into waterfalls, across huge rocks, and up and over innumerable water elements. David and Josh’s helping hands were there 100% of the time, making sure we felt confident in our own abilities- and there to catch us when we overestimated our own abilities!!

Due to the slower moving group in front of us, as well as the extremely technical safety measures that David and Josh put in place to keep us safe in the high waters, it took longer than expected to get out of the canyon. This was a blessing in disguise, because it gave us the opportunity to hike back to the car under the stars.

At the end of day David reminded us that the reason we were able to do the canyon was because of our family’s teamwork, personal ability and individual stamina, and ability to follow directions. He implored us to remember these lessons, and to never forget how it felt to conquer the canyon.Sammi Greene